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Sheep River Hunting Camps

Name: Sheep River Hunting Camps
Address: P.O. Box 875149
City: Wasilla State: Alaska Zip: 99687 Country: USA
Phone: 1-907-745-0479   Fax: Toll Free:
Website: Sheep River Hunting Camps
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Location: Map for Sheep River Hunting Camps
Description: For many years we have been guiding in two locations, the first area is in the interior, the other in the Prince William Sound. These areas are unique to our method of operation, as the terrain and inaccessibility make these areas unattractive to the average guide/hunter. The result is very little hunting pressure by others. This is the main attraction to us.

Client transportation to hunting area and return to point of arrival in Alaska is usually by bush plane. However, a boat may be used at times in the Prince William Sound. We arrange transportation with professional carriers for efficiency and safety. We do not include cost of transportation in our hunt prices as some hunts require different air-craft, and also flight time can only be estimated due to weather conditions and aircraft or boat used at time of hunt. Once a hunt is confirmed, we can give an estimate of this cost. Please note that no transportation cost is included in hunt price.

Each client will be hunting with one guide throughout the hunt, unless other plans are made. Client must share equally with the guide in packing their gear, food and other supplies. Also hide, horns and meat. This is not as bad as it may sound, but one thing for sure: a over loaded guide is not a happy camper. Actually under all that hair, your guide is really almost human. If there is a physical reason or if you don't feel up to the required packing, we can provide a professional packer to help out on your hunt. We highly recommend a packer. Most hunters can handle the extra cost easier than a heavy pack. Cost of packer vary depending on hunt date and requirements.

As a last word —— our hunts are NOT a test of endurance. There are no mountains that you have to run up, we run no races, we have no set distance that you have to go– you don't have to impress your guide or anyone. This is a hunting trip in the truest sense, in a land that many dream about. It is a great trip and experience, we assure you of that.



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