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Ironbound Outfitters

Name: Ironbound Outfitters
Address: 50 Birchview Drive
City: Pasadena State: Newfoundland Zip: A0L 1K0 Country: Canada
Phone: (709) 243-2199   Fax: Toll Free:
Website: Ironbound Outfitters
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Description: Caribou hunting, Newfoundland - The wide open barren lands of Newfoundland's south coast is a vast area covering hundreds of square miles from the Atlantic Ocean in the south all the way up to the Gaff Topsails. The land is rolling, nearly treeless tundra (except for the valleys) covered with moss and lichen. This is the last great wilderness frontier of Newfoundland and this is home to the woodland caribou.

More than five thousand strong the LaPoile herd is the second largest herd of Caribou on the island of Newfoundland. The herd wanders a vast area from near Stephenville in the north to the Burgeo and Port au Basque wintering grounds in the south.The caribou hunting season opens mid-August when the small scattered groups of caribou stags start to herd up. The August bulls are sometimes in velvet which is mostly gone by the beginning of September.

There are a limited number of outfitters offering fully guided hunts and each have their own designated area. Caribou management is a high priority here as less than ten percent of the herd is allocated for sport hunting.

Ironbound Outfitters operate two caribou outfitting logdes in Newfoundland and both do an excellent job in harvesting trophy bulls. Both caribou camps come highly reccommended from many hunters who have experienced the Ironbound adventure, and references can be provided upon request. The world record for safari international was taken here in 1998.


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